Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Four-Footed Friends

This month's theme for ATCs is 'four-footed friends'. Since my four-footed friends have always been cats, that's what I put on them. The first one is based on my cat, Zoinks. She contorts herself into the most uncomfortable positions and still looks relaxed. How does she do that?
My second cut is based on a bigger cut that I did last year where I placed several cats on a stone wall. In this one I felt like I needed to give that cat something to look at. It looks like trouble.
This last one was inspired by another incident perpetrated by Zoinks. One day she came to the back door wanting to be let in. Just as I opened the door, I noticed that she had a mouse wriggling in her mouth. It was too late to keep her out. She promptly took that mouse down into the basement and dumped it into her food dish as if to tell that rodent exactly what she thought of it.

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