Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maid Maleen

Here it is the last week in August, and I almost forgot to post a fairy tale papercut. This is from the Grimm's tale of Maid Maleen. The princess, Maid Maleen, and her servant were walled up in a tower by themselves for seven years by her father, the king, because she refused to marry the prince the king had chosen for her. Maid Maleen had, of course, fallen in love with another prince. After seven years, the women emerged from their tower only to discover that the kingdom had been laid waste. They then wandered around until they came to another kingdom where they become scullery maids at the castle. Because this is a fairy tale, Maid Maleen found that this castle belongs to the prince that she fell in love with seven years before, and he was about to marry another princess. You can guess how the rest of the story goes. The cut depicts the women as they finally chip their way out of the tower only to discover that everything that they had known was destroyed. I hope they had a lot of good reading material in that tower. How could you not go a little nuts after seven years?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for weeks. I found myself suddenly swamped with trips in these last few weeks before school starts again. I'm just starting to find time to cut again. Until I have some new cuts to show, I thought I would post this cutting of aspen trees that I did last year. The white bark of these trees make them fun to cut.