Monday, May 4, 2009

A Robin

I have seen several papercutters who have done cuts of tree branches, and I have really enjoyed the results. I wanted to try it too. Last January, I saw four robins perched in the trees to the side of my house. They had their feathers puffed up against the cold. I liked the way those red feathers contrasted against the bare branches of the trees. "Ah hah!", I thought. "There is a subject for a future papercut." I took a picture and tucked it away for a future project. Last friday was that day. The cut above was the result.
When I was done, I placed the cut in a frame pressed between to pieces of glass. I really am pleased with how it looks in this kind of framing. It is hard to see it in this picture, but the shadows cast by the cut onto the wall add an extra dimension to the cut and makes it look like there are more tree branches. It is a nice effect.


Harmony said...

Looks great, especially framed! How big is it?

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love the shadowbox effect. Nice piece.

I need to branch out, so to speak, in my tree cutting style. Mine are so highly stylized and I am rather tired of them.