Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Following in Grandma's Footsteps

I have always admired my Grandma Fletcher and her endless creativity. I think that she was a great artist and would love to get up to her standards. This is one of my favorite pen and ink drawings that she did. I love all the character that she added to the trees, water and the boy's hair. Well, I thought that it would make a nice papercut, so this past weekend, I tried to do just that.

I tried to keep to her main design, but I did change a few things here and there to accommodate cutting it from one piece of paper. For instance, I had to make the boy's hair longer so that I could attach his left eye. I also added shoes. It was a challenge to translate the picture. It felt good to stretch some. Overall I was happy with the results.


Harmony said...

Wow! They are both beautiful!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Your Grandmother's work is gorgeous! I can really see her influence in all of your work, and not just this piece alone. jan

kim said...

Beautiful...both your grandmother's art and your paper cutting!! Love it!