Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This month's ATC trade was all about pets. This shouldn't have given as hard a time as it did, but I didn't think up an idea until the last minute. I decided to do unusual pets that belonged to U. S. presidents. The first pet was a squirrel named Pete that President Warren Harding claimed.

This one-legged rooster belonged to President Teddy Roosevelt's family. I couldn't find a name to go with this proud specimen of poultry.

President Calvin Coolidge's wife had a raccoon for a pet named Rebecca. That is Mrs. Coolidge's silhouette holding the raccoon.

The last image is of Whiskers the goat that belonged to President Benjamin Harrison.

With the kids finally off to school, I hope to be able to do some more papercutting in the next few months. It was a good thing that I had these trades this summer or I might not have taken my knife out at all these past few months.