Monday, December 14, 2009


This year I was introduced to neules. Neules are delicately cut paper doilies that are hung in Mallorcan churches around Christmas. (Mallorca is an island off the coast of Spain.) They often depict biblical scenes or geometric designs. I found a few pictures of neules hanging in churches on the Internet, and they look beautiful hanging above the church altars. I was invited to be part of a nuele trade with my ATC group this month and thought it would be a challenge to try cutting one. I, of course, cut more than one because I couldn't decide what to send. So far I have cut five different designs, and I have more in my head that I would like to cut. Unfortunately, I have to fit them in between other Christmas projects that I HAVE to finish before Christmas. I plan to hang them all from a suspended string in my front room soon. This is a picture of the first neule I cut. I have been finding that the borders are the biggest challenge. I'll have more pictures in later posts.

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Harmony said...

Trivia: Mallorca is a popular vacation destination of Germans.

Slightly related trivia: Jeff's favorite Christmas tree decorations are the intricate 3-4" snowflakes he cut to decorate our tree for the Christmas we were living in Germany. We saved them and use them every year. I'll have to photograph a few of them for you to see.