Monday, March 29, 2010

The Brave Little Taylor

I have always enjoyed a fairy tale where the hero uses his brain instead of his brawn. The Brave Little Tailor is a good example of this. The only time he uses is muscles is in the beginning when he hits those seven annoying flies, and who could fault him for that? Flies can be very annoying, and they don't listen to reason. Our brave tailor uses his brains to outwit giants and bad kings and wins a kingdom and princess in the process. That's not to bad for a man who earns his living making clothes. In this cut our hero is heading off into the world to see what he can make of himself. He unconcerned that he is entering a giant infested wood.

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daysease said...

Love the details...the raised foot, the scraggly plant that looks vaguely like a half eaten dandelion plant, and all!!! :-)