Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waterbird ATCs

This month's trade theme is water. I decided to make all the ATCs with birds that live near water. The first piece is a duck. I have done ducks before and enjoyed it.

The second bird is a pelican. I went simple with this one.

My third piece is a cormorant. I used magazine pages for the background color on the bird and wood.

The last bird is a snowy egret. This is based on the bigger papercut that I did in January. I still haven't cut that beak right. Maybe, I'll try again sometime.

I haven't been cutting as much the last couple of weeks because of this. I hope to get back to cutting more soon.

1 comment:

daysease said...

Oh, great job! funny thing, I have been debating on doing a mallard duck and a pelican. yours turned out quite nicely.