Friday, January 29, 2010

Picking Out a Dragon

Sometimes when I read a paper cut idea will pop into my head that relates to the story I am reading. This especially happens when I am reading children's literature. I haven't ever followed through with those ideas until now. This past week I randomly pulled a book off the shelves at my local library and brought it home. It was "How to Train Your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell. It was a funny little book about Vikings and dragons. The above cut is what popped into my head at the beginning of the book as the young hero must crawl into a cave full of sleeping dragons, where he must snatch one and take it back his village to train. This was fun. I think the next time I feel inspired by a children's book, I'll follow thru.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snowy Egret at Low Tide

This cut is based on a photo I took at a California beach last November. We finally took our kids to Disneyland, and we spent one day playing at the beach. I liked the way the white plumage contrasted with the dark shadows on the rock. This cut is a little bit bigger than I usually cut at 10 x 13 inches.

Monday, January 18, 2010

January ATCs

Yes, I have finally found some time to get back to cutting. It feels good to be back! These are this month's ATCs. The theme was botanicals. I found an illustration of sprouting beans in an old biology book and thought that they would be a good thing to base the cuttings on. Each cut is a different stage of bean sprouting.

I have posted them in order of growth.

The leaves took the longest to cut.